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The problem:

You’re in the middle of a busy GP surgery. You want to give Mr Jones some physiotherapy exercises. Now, where did you store that PDF, save that link or file that leaflet? Or maybe you’re on a home visit to see Mrs Smith who has a swollen leg. How do you do a Well’s score again?

The solution:

The original itamus website is an indexed, searchable, maintained repository of information that is quickly accessible to the front-line primary care clinician. There are hundreds of links to existing online resources, refined according to your locality and with an activity tracker for your appraisal.

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The problem:

Blood pressure is measured in a rush at home and at clinic. Readings are therefore elevated and many patients are over-treated. This leads to wasted prescribing costs and increased demand for appointments as patients suffer side-effects.

The solution:

Empower patients to measure their own blood pressure accurately at home by coaching them through the process with our mobile app. The results, including recommended targets, are sent to a doctor or nurse to action if necessary.

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Blood pressure target finder

The problem:

Are you treating your patient's blood pressure to the right target? Blood pressure targets are defined across multiple NICE guidelines (hypertension, CKD, type 1 and type 2 diabetes) making it impossible to quickly look up the appropriate target for many patients during a busy consultation.

The solution:

A web app which cross references NICE guidelines to give you your patient’s target blood pressure in a few simple clicks.

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NICE cancer guidelines navigator

The problem:

The NICE cancer guidelines are huge. Just the summary is 95 pages long. How on earth can they be practically referenced during a 10 minute primary care consultation? And yet medicolegally, this is what your clinical decisions will be judged against.

The solution:

A web app with a simple user interface to allow you to navigate the guidelines and be sure you are following them appropriately. Simply enter some of your patient’s signs and symptoms and the app will return with any recommended action. It will also report on any ‘near misses’ so you can see what additional signs or symptoms may be required to meet certain criteria.

What are we doing?

We are using systems thinking to develop safe, effective and convenient medical systems. These systems will deliver high quality healthcare and be good value for money. We believe that using improvement science is the best way to deliver the best possible healthcare results with limited resources.

Why are we doing this?

We’re fed up of using badly designed systems. So, instead, we want to design systems that people want to use. This includes both patients and clinical staff. We want to make life easier. This will make healthcare more rewarding for everyone who uses our systems. This will make healthcare safer. This will make healthcare more effective. This will also make healthcare more convenient.

What does it cost?

For now, our demo apps are free to use, so you don’t have to pay a penny. They are for demonstration purposes only. If you want to deploy or develop our apps further, then we will be happy to hear from you. By using lean development, we keep our costs, and yours, to a minimum.

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