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The best of the best: how the culture of medicine is harming us and our patients... (part II)


A sisyphean task?*** This blog post follows on from a previous blog post ***

A quarter of a century ago, at my med school, Fresher’s week was mostly about initiation ceremonies.  There was a big drinking culture, and most of Fresher’s week was spent playing “fun” drinking games. These usually involved some form of humiliation for the Freshers involved and huge amounts of peer pressure to conform by performing forfeits of various levels of disgustingness. I have a particularly vivid memory of eating a spoonful of dog food on a pub-crawl in the locality. Although I hope that things have moved on since then, I imagine that such initiation ceremonies still take place. Ostensibly these forfeits were about proving yourself “worthy” of joining the esteemed medical school, but they also served a more sinister purpose...

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