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The best of the best: how the culture of medicine is harming us and our patients... (part I)


Pain in the brain!Have you ever wondered why it is that you don't seem to enjoy your job, and yet at the same time you find it difficult to imagine doing anything else? You can list reasons why it should be great. Yet when it comes to a Sunday evening, you still get that feeling of doom.

You feel that the job has the potential to be great, but something stops it from being so, and you just can't muster the courage to leave

Or perhaps you've worked with someone who seems reasonable in every other way, but flatly refuses to change the way that they practice medicine, even when presented with evidence of the problems that their actions are causing?

Maybe you've found yourself in a situation where your career is threatened by a complaint, and you've been overwhelmed with a feeling of doom at the thought of not being able to practice medicine again?

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