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Feel the fear and do it anyway...

By Dr. Colin Coulthard |


When I wrote this blog,  I was packing my possessions up to move back in with my Mother. And I was mildly terrified…

Not because of my mother. She’s a perfectly reasonable human being. I lived with her for six months before I moved to London and it was fun.

No, I was mildly terrified because of what the move implied...

4 years ago I moved to London to launch our start-up. Now I’m moving away from London to get it on its feet.

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The joys of founding a start up

By Dr. Colin Coulthard |


Me, jumping out of my bathA few days ago, I was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, and it came to me. “It” being the solution to something that had been nagging at me about for a few days. I’d seen a prototype version of our app, and although it was good, it wasn’t great. What I was struggling with was how best to communicate my vision to the people that I’m working with…

I have it!

And then it came to me.

We want to be “Headspace for healthcare”.

I was so excited that I couldn’t get to sleep for two hours afterwards. I couldn’t wait to talk to Richard about it...

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The most vital step in launching any business...

By Dr. Colin Coulthard |


In a previous blog, I wrote about the mistakes that we’d made so far. This is the first part of a series on how we’re starting to fix those mistakes, and form a coherent business plan.

Ideas are common

I think that like everyone who starts as an entrepreneur we were very protective of our idea. It was hard-won and precious. We’d spent a lot of time coming up with it. About two years to be exact. We’d had a few others, but this was it. This was the big one. This time next year Rodney, we’re going to be millionaires.

If only…

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The health-tech start-up scene. All fart and no motion?

By Dr. Colin Coulthard |

When I was a trainee in A&E, in the last millennium, we had a ward sister in charge, and she was a legend in her own lifetime. Every other word out of her mouth was a swear word, and she had a particular turn of phrase. One of her favourites, was when she’d dealt with a threatening patient she’d say “Don’t mind him, he’s all fart and no motion.” Meaning that he’s all talk and very little action…

Recently I’ve been weighing up the pros and cons of staying in London. At the moment both of us are working part time as locums to support ourselves. The rest of our time we’re devoting to itamus. The problem for me, working in London, is that the amount of money I need to earn to support myself here is significantly higher than it is elsewhere in the country. This means that I’m working for seven sessions a week in order to keep afloat. This limits the time that I can spend on developing our business, and I think that this is holding us back.

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