Blood pressure target finder Our app cross references NICE guidelines on hypertension, CKD and diabetes to tell you what your patient's target blood pressure is in a few easy clicks.
CHADS2-VASC CHADS2-VASC (an acronym for Congestive heart failure, Hypertension, Age>75, Diabetes mellitus, and prior Stroke) assesses the long-term risk of stroke in AF. This is used to recommend anticoagulation therapy.
Credible Meds A useful resource regarding drugs that can affect the QT interval.
Framingham based CV risk assessor This cardiovascular risk assessor uses the Framingham data with adjustments as agreed by the Joint British Societies. It has the bonus of being able to display the result as a patient decision aid 'smiley-face' chart.
HAS-BLED HAS-BLED assesses the risk of major bleeding in a patient when considering whether to use anticoagulants.
NOACs for AF Guidance from the European Society of Cardiology on the use of novel oral anticoagulants for AF
QIntervention QIntervention® enables you to work out your risk of diabetes, heart disease, or stroke over the next 10 years and show you how that risk could change with interventions such as stopping smoking, losing weight, lowering your blood pressure or taking cholesterol lowering medication. It also shows unintended effects of statins.
QRISK2 This will calculate the risk of having a heart attack or stroke over the next ten years.
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