Baby check crib sheet Quick reference for 8 week baby checks in a format that can be copied and pasted into the notes then edited to suit.
Bladder & bowel UK Large collection of leaflets regarding continence in adults and children.
BMI chart for boys BMI chart for boys age 2 to 20 years
BMI chart for children This is an interactive chart which will calculate the BMI and plot it for you.
BMI chart for girls BMI chart for girls age 2 to 20 years
Boys' growth chart 0-4 years UK-WHO growth chart for boys' age 0-4 years
Boys' growth chart 2-18 years UK-WHO growth chart for boys' age 2-18 years
Cardiff Child Protection Systematic Reviews Provides access to a series of systematic literature reviews of physical abuse and neglect in children. Could be useful if ever preparing reports.
Children's sleep charity Provides leaflets and training to professionals and parents on managing childhood sleep issues
Developmental milestones Childhood developmental milestones from birth to six years old.
Education and resources for improving childhood continence A charity providing information and support to children, families and healthcare professionals on bladder and bowel problems.
ERIC The children's bowel and bladder charity. Good resource for continence issues.
Girls' growth chart 0-4 years UK-WHO growth chart for girls' age 0-4 years
Girls' growth chart 2-18 years UK-WHO growth chart for girls' age 2-18 years
Kooth Counselling and support for young people.
La Leche League Charity offering mother-to-mother breastfeeding support.
Milk formula guidelines Unfortunately the host website is temporarily unavailable.
Paediatric observation priority score Score to help triage children and determine risk of needing admission. Also shows normal ranges for observations in children at different ages.
Sepsis guidelines Guidelines for assessing a patient with suspected sepsis with physiological parameters according to age.
Sexual behaviours in children Brook's traffic light tool gives examples of normal and concerning sexual behaviours for children of different ages.
Stop bedwetting Resources for professionals and patients about bedwetting. It is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.
TB and your baby leaflets Leaflets for parents about TB and the BCG vaccine for infants in multiple languages.
TB prevalence worldwide List of TB prevalence for each country to help determine which children should receive BCG vaccination.
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