Anticholinergic burden score Tool for calculating a patient's anticholinergic medication burden.
BNF The British National Formulary of medicines on line, as well as the BNF for children.
BUMPs Best Use of Medicines in Pregnancy provides leaflets for the public on the risks posed by various medicines in pregnancy.
Controlled Drugs Reporting Website that it now used to report all controlled drug incidents to your local accountable officer.
Drug safety update The government's portal for publishing drug safety alerts. Includes a monthly PDF newsletter.
Drug shortages tracker Table of drug shortages in the UK with links to alternatives. Provided by MIMS so you need to log in to view it.
HIV Drug Interactions HIV drug interaction charts.
HRT guidance Covers which preps to use when, the risks associated with them and much more.
Prescribing guidelines from the BMA BMA prescribing guidance on matters such as private prescriptions and the length of prescriptions.
Right Breathe Inhaler prescribing information
Toxbase Poisons information helpline for medical professionals
Travelling with controlled drugs Home Office guidance on the regulations for travelling with controlled drugs. Links to relevant forms.
UKTIS UK teratology information service. Provides information for healthcare professionals on the risk posed by various medicines to pregnant women. Also accessible via Toxbase.
Valproate pregnancy resources Includes the annual risk acknowledgement form and educational resources for patients and professionals
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