British Lung Foundation Online resources and local support groups for those with respiratory conditions.
Isolation support Support for those patients classed as extremely vulnerable who are self-isolating from coronavirus. 0800 0288327
NICE long-COVID guideline Joint guideline from NICE, SIGN and RCGP on the management of long-COVID.
Normal PEFR chart Peak expiratory flow rate normal values for the new EU meter, for both adults and children.
PERC rule for PE Useful to rule out PE. Suitable for use in those with a Wells' score of 0 or 1.
Post-COVID syndrome guidance Guidance from the RCGP on the management of post COVID-19 syndrome.
Right Breathe Inhaler prescribing information
Roth score Score for assessing breathlessness remotely, correlates with O2 saturation.
Wells' score for PE Risk calculator for pulmonary embolism.
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