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Alcohol screening tests Including AUDIT, AUDIT-C, AUDIT-PC, FAST and M-SASQ
Alcohol unit calculator Calculates someone's alcohol intake in units.
Alcohol units calculator An accurate alcohol unit calculator.
AUDIT (online) The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test. Includes the shorter AUDIT-C; if scoring is high enough questioning continues to the full AUDIT.
Coronavirus advice Latest coronavirus advice from NHS England
Coronavirus support Links to coronavirus support for patients including financial, housing, food, work etc.
Excess deaths measures Summary of changes to death certification and cremation regulations due to coronavirus.
Fit For Travel This is a public access website provided by the NHS (Scotland). It gives travel health information for people travelling abroad from the UK.
Fit for work (England and Wales) Occupational health service - GPs can refer patients in employment who are expected to be off for at least 4 weeks and return within 3 months.
Flu vaccine eligibility 2019/20 Details of those eligible for the flu vaccine on the NHS in 2019/20
Infectious disease exclusion guidance Exclusion guidance for communicable diseases in schools. A document from Public Health England.
Isolation support Support for those patients classed as extremely vulnerable who are self-isolating from coronavirus. 0800 0288327
National travel health network and centre (NaTHNaC) Travel information for doctors and patients.
NICE long-COVID guideline Joint guideline from NICE, SIGN and RCGP on the management of long-COVID.
Notifiable diseases A list of diseases notifiable (to Local Authority Proper Officers) under the Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010.
Notifiable diseases notification form A template form from the Health Protection Agency for notifying diseases.
Post-COVID syndrome guidance Guidance from the RCGP on the management of post COVID-19 syndrome.
Roth score Score for assessing breathlessness remotely, correlates with O2 saturation.
TB and your baby leaflets Leaflets for parents about TB and the BCG vaccine for infants in multiple languages.
TB prevalence worldwide List of TB prevalence for each country to help determine which children should receive BCG vaccination.
Tetanus quick guide Post exposure management for tetanus from PHE
The Lifestyle Elf Blog that keeps professionals and consumers up to date with lifestyle research.
Tropical disease guidance Phone numbers and addresses for information sources regarding tropical disease treatment and prophylaxis, including malaria.
Vaccination green book This presents the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for all the vaccine preventable infectious diseases that may occur in the UK. In particular it deals with those immunisations that comprise the routine immunisation programme for all children from birth to adolescence
Vaccination schedules for all countries Details of vaccination schedules for anywhere in the world.
Verifying death in times of emergency Guidelines for verifying death in times of emergency, including remote verification.
Zika virus advice Guidance for primary care on the Zika virus, from Public Health England.
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